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Limerick Camera Club is an IPF (Irish Photographic Federation) affiliated club situated in Lecture Theatre 3 (t1.16), The Lime Tree - Mary Immaculate. We range in skills from expert to beginner, with the more experienced photographers encouraged to share their knowledge through a positive learning environment. The Club meets every Wednesday and runs a  monthly competition on the first Wednesday of every month with a guest professional judge. We also offer a range of workshops, events and tutorials. Every month sees a new idea or approach that refines photography just a bit more. These refinements contribute to continued learning and growth for the photographer.

The aims of the Limerick Camera Club include:

  • To encourage and promote social activity between members.

  • Promotion and recognition of photography generally and particularly as an art form.

  • To assist and coordinate the activities of members

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas.

  • To embrace new ideas and technology associated with photography.


If you enjoy photography and wish to meet with like minded people or perhaps you are looking to extend your creativity or expertise in this visual art form, please be encouraged to have a look at our website and get in touch.



For more information, LCC can be contacted by sending us a message

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